Spring is in the Air – Time to Get Your Dehumidifier Ready for April Showers

Early Spring is always a good time to check and prepare your Santa Fe dehumidifier before the humidity season:

  • Be sure to change out the filter every 3-6 months.  A clean filter with help the dehumidifier perform efficiently and effectively and ensure that the inside of the dehumidifier stays clean; this will extend the life of your dehumidifier.
  • If your Santa Fe dehumidifier has a pre-filter, vacuum it off every 3-6 months and replace every couple of years (when it starts to breakdown).
  • Check the drain line to ensure there is nothing blocking the condensate from the dehumidifier.  If you have a condensate pump, be sure to test the pump by filling it with water to confirm the float switch is working.  It’s always a good idea to empty your condensate pump at the end of every humidity season before winter.  This will prevent any potential issues in the spring.
  • Be sure to reposition the dehumidistat / control to 50% relative humidity if it was turned off or setback before winter.
  • Be sure the intake and supply of the dehumidifier are not blocked.

Follow these simple steps every Spring to help extend the life of your Santa Fe dehumidifier and ensure effective dehumidification.

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