Crawlspace Before and After Pictures

Sealing off a crawlspace and removing excess moisture will help control pests, improve overall indoor air quality, protect your home against structural damage caused
by moisture, and reduce your energy bills.  There are several options when it comes to treating your crawlspace based on what region of the country you live in and the local building codes.

The crawlspace featured in these photos is in Charlotte, South Carolina and was encapsulated.  Meaning all opening were sealed, including vents and doors leading from the exterior, also the foundation and the floor were lined with a premium grade vapor barrier to prevent moisture from seeping into the crawlspace.


Inferior vapor barrier

Opossum feces and urine


Proper installation of a premium grade vapor barrier is essential to controlling moisture, and as a result, minimizes the pests and mold that thrive in a damp crawlspace.

Also installed was a Santa-Fe Dehumidifier that is specifically designed to operate in crawlspaces.

The Santa Fe Advance Dehumidifier will help reduce excess humidity, making the crawlspace inhospitable for fungi, dust mites, wood destroying insects, and other pests.

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