Where is the Musty Odor Coming From in My Home?

Musty odors are most often attributed to mold.  Mold smells can be stronger in certain parts of the home and faint in others, this is due to the air circulating the smell.  Most often these odors are from the basement or crawlspace. While some experts recommend opening the windows and turning on a fan as a short-term solution, it is important to take note of the conditions outside before doing this.  If the humidity is high outside, this could contribute to more of a problem than a solution in the home.  It is important to get the air circulating in the home and the air dry but before doing so, make sure there is not a larger problem, such as a water leak from pipes or damaged roof.   Once it has been determined that the source of the musty smell is from high humidity levels, a long-term solution is to start running a dehumidifier as soon as possible.  Santa Fe offers a dual exhaust dehumidifier called the Force, which will get the air moving in the space and effectively and efficiently dehumidify the air.

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