How Energy Efficient is Your Dehumidifier?

A Santa Fe free-standing energy efficient dehumidifier is a smart investment that pays for itself while eliminating musty odors, protecting homes, and reducing the risk of health issues associated with high moisture levels.

A Santa Fe Dehumidifier can save you approximately $600 per year in energy costs over conventional dehumidifiers. This is due to the units’ innovative design and advanced technology, which are not found in cheaper mass-merchant dehumidifiers, resulting in 2-3 times more moisture removal per kilowatt of electricity.

To calculate the electrical consumption of the dehumidifier–
First, calculate the wattage (amps x volts). Divide by 1000 to calculate kilowatts, and multiply by 24 to get kilowatt hours per day. Multiply this number by the cost per kilowatt/hr from your utility company to get cost of operation per day. Multiply by the number of days per month.
Example: 6.4 amps (Santa Fe Classic) x 115 volts = 736 watts/1000 x 24 = 17.6 kWh/day x $_________ per kWh = $_________ per day x 30 days = $ __________ per month (assumes 24 hour per day operation, which is unlikely)

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