Santa Fe™ Introduces World’s Most Energy Efficient Freestanding Dehumidifier

The new Santa Fe Impact removes up to 105 pints of water a day while using an unprecedented 4.9 amps of energy (8.8 pints per Kilowatt hour) – exceeding Energy Star standards by fifty percent.

“The Santa Fe Impact is specifically designed to dramatically impact the moisture levels in a crawlspace or basement, your energy bills and the environment,” said Rebecca Lidstrom, product manager for Santa Fe. “It is the ideal freestanding dehumidifier for anyone looking to effectively and efficiently meet aggressive energy use targets.”

The Santa Fe Impact effectively dehumidifies crawlspaces and basements up to 2,500 square feet and is engineered for extreme quiet operation. The unit offers superior MERV 11 air filtration allowing it to capture particles (including mold spores) down to 1 micron in size. Optional condensate pump and ducting kits provide the installation flexibility necessary for the most challenging applications.

To avoid problems caused by moisture, and to create a comfortable, healthy and safe living environment, a Santa Fe high performance dehumidifier is necessary to maintain relative humidity between 45-50 percent throughout the home.

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